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Heritage Valley Resort

With the trend towards health being practiced all over the world, popular among this is incorporating health and wellness into corporate retreats. Many are now seeking mental and spiritual health and fulfillment in lieu of the traditional spa based on frills and luxuries. The frills and luxuries we offer come in less noticeable forms, such as happiness, peace and inner calm.

Heritage Valley provides a peaceful sanctuary with experience to nurture the body, mind, heart, and soul.
Operated by dedicated chiropractors and support staff, our wellness program maintains a strong focus on rejuvenation, relaxation and healing. We can offer various programs including: yoga, nature walks, meditation, acupuncture, naturopathic treatments, chiropractic treatments, detox, various spiritual exercises, educational seminars and other options to help achieve a balance between work & life.

If a rejuvenation of spirit is in order, our health and wellness cocktail of exercise, diet and mental wellness may be just what your soul needs. Take time out of a busy life to find and cherish tranquil moments offered at our serene mountain location and achieve the healthy glow our guests exude upon leaving - the result of being healthy from the inside with a renewed zest for life.

Access to our full wellness program is expected to available spring 2017